Eclectic Twin Bunk Bed

How to Build Twin Bunk Bed

A bed of two squares attached to a twin bunk bed above it is a design widely used litter. However, their high cost in furniture stores can make you want to build your own. The construction of berths is quite simple, even if you’re not a great carpenter, and you can make without too much trouble. Choose a plane. The bunk beds with a double bed and a trundle is […]

Twin Metal Bunk Beds

Making Pins for Metal Bunk Beds

The metal bunk beds are usually bound together with metal pins to hold the upper bed balanced on the bottom. This prevents it from falling. If you lose metal pins, you can make new ones. The most important aspect is the diameter and length. Must fit into the holes perfectly to securely hold the beds. Measure the diameter and depth of the bolt hole with tape. Get metal pins that […]

queen size bunk beds color

Classic Queen Size Bunk Beds

Queen size bunk beds different models, modern Japanese style, romantic beds, classic or sophisticated. Larger beds super dream of many people to rest. They are considered luxury beds, which can be found in many hotels. The difference is in the type size queen size have a size slightly smaller between 1.75 cm and 1.80 cm wide by 1.90 or 2.00 long. The King Size is slightly larger. They have a […]

simple white loft bunk beds

Design Loft Bunk Beds to My Princess

Few days I saw the son of my friend Ana ago hallucinated the new loft bunk beds that they had bought their parents, and with good reason! A bunk bed while medieval castle to play with his brother and pals to the cabins. This is FLEXA furniture, a Danish company able to dream of children and parents, as their furniture is fun for our children while functional for dads. They […]

Girls Bunk Bed with Slide Designs

Bunk Bed with Slide for Child

Bunk bed with slide – The infant beds with slide are a dream comes true for any child, because they can not just rest on it but have fun and be adventurous to slip into overdrive, from up there to the ground, nonstop. In general often assumed that the bunk bed with slide are exclusive of the berth where two children sleeping one above the other; for this, the first […]

Good Kids Bunk Beds with Desk

How to Build Kids Bunk Beds with Desk

There are homes that have little space and require owners to reorganize furniture; these results in a family of four living in an apartment with two bedrooms have to reorganize and maximum use of space to live. This is one of the situations that cause the need for use kids bunk beds with desk. Instructions to build kids bunk beds with desk: the first step, pointing the exact measurements of […]

big size wood bunk beds ;

Wood Bunk Beds for Children’s

Wood bunk beds for the kid’s bedroom. They are a real space saver but there are many security concerns arising in the number of accidents that occur with them. Read ‘some security measures bunk’ and then ponder whether they are the best choice for you. If that did not discourage him, nothing will.  It is recommended that only children 6 and older use the top wood bunk beds, parents or […]

Custom Bunk Beds Style

Custom Bunk Beds of Tractor

Custom bunk beds provide a home away from home for truckers. Tractor trucks have cabins with bunk beds to increase the efficiency of long-distance drivers. Select materials for walls and floors. The wall materials include leather, vinyl, fabric or panels. The styles include hard wood floor, carpet or diamond aluminum. Decide on a general theme for the design of the litter. The palettes can match the exterior paint of the […]

Children Bunk Bed with Slide Schoolhouse Princess

Best Bunk Beds with Slide

Bunk beds with slide – Sharing a room with a sibling can be a bonding experience for children, but the placement of two beds in the same room is often a nuisance. The slide is a classic playground. Twirly slides, chutes and slides straight potholes are all favorites of children. Buzzing around the smooth surface of an inclined plane never gets old, and get a bunk bed with a slide […]

White Bunk Beds with Stairs Picture

White Bunk Beds with Stairs

In confined spaces is one of the best options. They are combinable with all kinds of styles and colorful, the result of its simplicity. Example white bunk beds with stairs, Wooden bunks, Trundle beds They are not exactly bunk. The beds have trundle bed on top and bottom, but also have drawers, cabinets or other compartments that make them more special. It is very good option for laughing children sharing […]